Hygienist Services

We believe that our patients deserve the benefits of the full spectrum of dental services that can assist in the protection of their overall medical and dental health. Please remember, good oral hygiene is a great habit to get into!

Plaque Control Appointment

From £60.65

Tooth loss, oral infections and severe gum disease can occur as a result of poor oral hygiene.  There is usually one main cause, a build up of plaque around the gums and teeth.  If left untreated, dental plaque can accumulate and may harden in to tartar or calculus. If the build-up of plaque is left untreated it may cause damage to the structure of your teeth and bones and a wide variety of other dental health problems. To help combat gum disease, brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day clean between teeth. Regular visits to your dental hygienist will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Hygienists work to promote better awareness of brushing technique, the importance of interdental cleaning and the need for greater oral hygiene. Visiting the hygienist regularly can allow us to monitor the condition of your gums and help you keep your teeth for longer. Keeping plaque and tartar to a minimum will reduce any bleeding from the gums. Bleeding is a warning sign of future problems and should  not be overlooked. The majority of adult patients need to have a plaque control appointment every 6 months; although some patients require an appointment more regularly than that.

Smoker's Smile Makeover

Smokers Smile Makeover £75.00

After an initial assessment, your hygienist will discuss with you how you can help improve your smile, oral health and prevent further teeth staining. Following a thorough cleaning using our revolutionary Swissflex cleaning system and enhance disks, we will then polish your teeth with an ultra fine diamond polishing paste. We understand that stains can build up no matter how healthy your lifestyle, so together we can develop a personal Smile programme. If you request we can book a  full dental health consultation to discuss the various dental treatments available to you.

Fresh Breath

Refresh Bad Breath £75.00

We have good news for you – our hygienist can offer you a personalised treatment programme to maintain oral health and prevent bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria, if these bacteria are not properly removed you may go on to develop cavities, loose teeth and  gum disease. We understand that bad breath can develop no matter how healthy you perceive your lifestyle to be,  and with this in mind,  together we will create for a personally designed oral hygiene plan to keep your breath fresh so you can feel totally confident about your smile.