Inman Aligner & ClearSmile

Inman Aligner

At last, conservative, no-compromise cosmetic dentistry has become a great option.
Fast treatment 6-16 weeks. Outstanding results with one appliance.
The Inman Aligner can be used to straighten front teeth quickly, safely and predictably. Whether it’s a standalone treatment or prior to further cosmetic dentistry, patients and dentists love the speed of treatment. 

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ClearSmile – smooth and contemporary, correcting the position of your teeth. ClearSmile is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed for minor teeth movement of adult patients. ClearSmile technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward, backward using exact impressions taken by dentist and custom-made.
ClearSmile are fabricated from the impressions at each and every 6 week treatment interval. 

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